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Can posting on social media hurt your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2021 | Family Law

Over the last few decades, social networking has become a crucial part of the day for many people. Couples and individuals alike will post images, videos and status updates several times each day to converse with friends and family members. However, a couple facing divorce must handle this significant life event with a degree of caution.

When proceeding through a divorce, both spouses should make the effort to remain professional and courteous. This means carefully assessing a social media post before approving it for public consumption. Here are four tips to remember about the link between social media and your divorce:

  • Assume everything is public: Even if you focus on privacy settings or send a private email, you should assume that everything said online is visible to everyone – forever.
  • Avoid posting anything about the divorce: Your spouse can use Information posted on social media against you during the divorce. From a comment about winning a negotiation to a picture of you smiling in front of the courthouse, these messages can become evidence indicating a history of bullying behavior or negative interactions.
  • Hold any responses or comments for 24 hours: While you might immediately think of a witty retort, it is wise to let it simmer. Additionally, if your spouse asks you something that makes you mad, it might be a better idea to respond the next morning when you have cooled off and can communicate objectively.
  • Avoid boastful posting: Your natural response to this significant life event is to show how you’ve emerged unscathed. Buying a new car. Going on an expensive trip. These types of posts can be used against you in several ways in the divorce.

Every divorce is different. Whether you are facing an amicable split or a contentious dissolution, it is wise to take steps to avoid causing disruptions and creating arguments. Save conversations about your divorce until you are discussing it face to face or over the phone. Avoid posting updates to your various social networking pages.