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The penalties for falling behind on child support in Indiana

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2022 | Family Law

If you are navigating through the divorce process and expect to owe child support in the near future, or you currently have to make child support payments, it is pivotal to stay current. If you fall behind on your child support obligations, you could struggle with a number of harsh penalties that turn your life upside down.

Aside from familiarizing yourself with the consequences associated with back child support, you should also take a look at strategies to address this serious issue. If you worry about back child support, take a look at modifying your child support order or creating a payment plan.

Child support enforcement in Indiana

The Indiana Department of Child Services outlines a number of ways that the state enforces child support orders. For example, if a parent fails to pay what they owe, they could face a lien on their vehicles and have wages, tax refunds, insurance settlements, bank assets, unemployment benefits and lottery winnings withheld. Furthermore, the state reports parents who owe unpaid child support to credit bureaus.

Back child support and license suspension

In addition to the aforementioned penalties, unpaid child support can also lead to license suspension. Not only do some parents lose their driver’s license, but the state also suspends hunting licenses, fishing licenses and professional licenses as a result of unpaid child support. In fact, you could even lose your passport privileges, whether you lose the ability to successfully apply for a passport or the government revokes your current passport.

If you have missed child support payments, review all of your options with respect to getting caught up and staying current.