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Explaining divorce to your children

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2023 | Family Law

While not easy for anyone involved, divorce especially causes confusion and concern for children. Divorce fundamentally changes the family your child has relied on, but with the right approach, you can move forward together into a healthy new family dynamic.

It helps if you take some time to plan the conversation with your kids ahead of time.

Deciding when and how to tell your kids

While you may find yourself caught up in the divorce process, you should try to communicate with your spouse about this issue. If possible, it helps for both of you to have a conversation with your children together in a calm and collected way. Planning out how exactly to approach it ahead of time helps reduce conflict.

Keep in mind the age of your children and decide how to explain in a reasonable way. Consider giving them a brief timeline of what to expect, but avoid going into detail on topics of conflict such as finances. If asked about these things you may simply say you have not figured it out yet but will soon.

Handling tough situations

No matter how well you explain the divorce, remember kids tend to feel upset, anxious and even guilty in such a situation. Try to reassure them that they have not done anything wrong.

The process of explaining and supporting your kids continues beyond the conversation when you break the news. Try and help your child feel heard and answer questions as clearly as possible when asked. While it takes some adjusting for everyone involved, you should eventually find a new normal.