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Helping Indiana Parents With Relocation And Child Custody

Custodial parents often have no idea that one day they may want to relocate after their dissolution. Yet years later, they are faced with prospects of a new job, better cost of living or other positive factors that make them want to move to provide a better life for their family. At Cress Law Group PC, we fight for our clients and their rights to custody of their children.

If you face a custody or relocation problem, you should contact our Angola office as soon as possible. Our family law attorney will handle all communications and start creating a personalized strategy for your relocation and custody case. You can call us now at 260-200-5727 to set up your first meeting.

Understanding Relocations And Custody Agreements

Many custody agreements have a radius clause of 35 to 50 miles. Some parents feel that if they have sole custody under a family court order or there is no radius clause, they can relocate without permission. This misconception is not true and can lead to a family law dispute if the proper steps are not followed.

The moving parent must present notice and other required information to the court and the noncustodial parent under Indiana law. This requirement is true even when a custodial parent plans to move across the street or town and when a party plans on moving across the state or the country, or to another country. It is essential that you have a plan for the relocation and present your case well to the court through an experienced attorney. Our skilled attorney can help you prove:

  • The move is being made in good faith and for a legitimate purpose
  • It is in the best interest of the child

An Experienced Family Law Attorney Can Make The Difference

Specific requirements must be met in family court for you to relocate. Many people attempt to go to court the first time on their own to request a relocation order. Do not make this mistake.

If you are relocating and you want to present yourself as a responsible parent, hire an attorney. Speaking to a skilled lawyer at the Cress Law Group PC can make the difference between success and failure. We can help clients get permission to relocate and, conversely, to stop relocation. We know both sides of this complex and evolving legal matter.

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